About Us

For anyone that’s owned their own business, they know first hand the hardest part is starting one. For me, no matter how many ups and downs I’ll encounter, I know that someday I’ll be successful. As a kid growing up, I remember selling Yema (milk candy) that my mom made to my classmates in 2nd grade. I remember the excitement and the happiness it made me feel whenever I sold Yema after my classmates would devour the yummy Yema. Since it was a success, that’s when I thought that someday I’ll grow up to be a successful business woman.

During college, my parents were working in Japan because my grandfather is Japanese. I followed them to Japan and was able to experience working in Japan, during this time I also stopped going to college because I was already making more money then what I would be able to make in the Philippines after school. I decided to stay in Japan and work, and during this time I was able to save my money and I was able to purchase my first pre-loved luxury bag at a very young age, all my friends and family loved the bag and who would of thought that it’s pre-loved? I fell in love with Luxury hand bags and started collecting them used and brand new. I became an expert at buying pre-loved bags and knowing what to look for and where to find them in Japan. I just did it since it was fun and I loved hand bags.

While in Japan, I found out that I was pregnant and I didn’t want to raise my baby in Japan for a number of personal reasons, so I went home to the Philippines to have my baby as a single mom. When I went home, I decided to try my own business so I started a day spa, I had used my savings to start the Spa. At first it was okay, but dealing with people and service is really challenging and when my baby was born a few months later, it just became harder to manage the business, so after a year I decided to close the spa. This was my first taste at failing at business, but it didn’t stop me from investing again into another business which was a delivery service. This time though, I partnered up with my friends from college. Again, things were good at first, but eventually things went up-side down, because again dealing with people and service is hard. So yes, a 2nd business failed again. I learned a lot from these 2 failures and now know the service type business is not for me and that I should go into something I love which are bags and sales.

During this time, I would travel back and forth to Japan, and my boyfriend came with me to checkout Japan since he’s never been there. This is when he saw how many people including myself loves to buy expensive bags in Japan and has a large number of supply for pre-loved bags, since we are both business minded we thought of why not make it into a business here in the Philippines. So that’s what we did and that’s how "FTLB" For the Love of Bags was born =)

Our Mission

Our mission is to help everyone in the Philippines buy branded, 100% authentic luxury hand bags at affordable prices. We inspect every bag we purchase for re-sale with care and make sure that you are getting what you pay for. We only sell hand bags that I personally would use and have in my own collection. I hope that you can consider us when you’re ready to purchase that luxury hand bag, whether it be your first purchase or more for your own personal collection. I can guarantee that we will do our best to give you the best service possible.

Ariane Hiponia